11 configuration
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All user config lives in the app/config folder, using TOML files.

As of version 4.1, most configuration options are availabe for editing on the settings page. The app/config/cache.toml file must still be used for any configuration beyond the most basic setup (Like specifying custom ports).



Cache setup

  • driver - the caching backend, one of: memcached, redis, or null (no-caching)

  • [connection] - connection information for the selected cache


General configuration

  • kitsu_username - The username for your account on Kitsu
  • whose_list - Name to show in the header
  • show_anime_collection - Whether to show the collection in the main menu


Anime Collection Database Setup

  • [collection]

    • type - database that you are using, one of: mysql, pgsql, or sqlite
    • host - hostname to use to connect to the database, not needed for sqlite
    • user - username to connect to database, not needed for sqlite
    • pass - password to connect to database, not needed for sqlite
    • port - port to connect to database, only needed if using a non-default database port
    • database - the specific database to connect to, not needed for sqlite
    • file - sqlite only: the database file to use