API client for Kitsu.io, with optional Anime collection, and optional Anilist syncing.
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Hummingbird Anime Client

Update your anime/manga list on Kitsu.io and MyAnimeList.net

Build Status Build Status

[Hosted Example]


  • Anime List views (Each with list and cover views):

    • Watching
    • Plan to Watch
    • On Hold
    • Dropped
    • Completed
    • Combined View
  • Manga List views (Each with list and cover views):

    • Reading
    • Plan to Read
    • On Hold
    • Dropped
    • Completed
    • Combined View
  • Anime collection view (segmented by media type):

    • Cover Images
    • Table List


  • PHP 7.1+
  • PDO SQLite or PDO PostgreSQL (For collection tab)
  • GD extension for caching images

Highly Recommended

  • Redis or Memcached for caching


  1. Install via git, then install dependencies via composer: composer install
  2. Duplicate app/config/config.toml.example file as app/config/config.toml
  3. Configure settings in app/config/config.toml to your liking
  4. Create the following directories if they don’t exist, and make sure they are world writable
    • app/config
    • app/logs
    • public/images/avatars
    • public/images/anime
    • public/images/characters
    • public/images/manga
  5. Make sure the console script is executable
  6. Additional settings are on the settings page once you log in.

Server Setup

See the wiki for more in-depth information