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  Timothy Warren 6f2a59ae95 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 1 day ago
  Timothy Warren d10e930a6b Remove php 7.4 version in travis config that doesn't exist yet 1 day ago
  Timothy Warren c6b74e2775 Minor code cleanup, add newer php version for travis tests 1 day ago
  Timothy Warren f3b42ae056 Update base request builder to use the correct user agent 1 week ago
  Timothy Warren 9140ebaa19 Add first GraphQL files for Kitsu for future implementation 1 week ago
  Timothy Warren 27160bda9a Improve 404 checks for detail pages 1 week ago
  Timothy Warren 3fae7fe9d6 Update detail pages to use one column for text 1 week ago
  Timothy Warren b5ec89de34 Simplify _.show and _.hide useage 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 8eca9c9d04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren dfce7f649e Fix scroll to top on list item update 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren b4a5e8ce77 Remove now unused css file 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 1f2accf4ec Add 'automatic' dark theme, based on browser 'prefers-color-scheme: dark' media query 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 6e950613e6 Update js dependencies 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 9214b0c87b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 73488d8244 Clean up commands a little bit 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren c93629dea2 Show fewer sync errors by filtering common data disparity issues 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 5bf8277376 Fix syncing manga to anilist when you have to create a new list item 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 51bf392d1b Make Anilist missing username error more reliable, allow editing anilist username in settings panel 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren dd6e99877a Collection "All Tab", and filtering. Resolves #6, #7 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 4de92a3591 No more genre-related database errors, and other collection improvements 1 month ago
  Timothy Warren 2943f716b9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 62781355b1 Tweak display of descriptions on detail pages 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 9e6ce8171a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren aa1e6675c2 Use larger cover images for edit forms 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 9f585bf1b4 Edit form style tweaks 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren ca03e96edd Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 76b23c7646 Fix thumbnail generation command 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 82c8fa8661 Merge branch 'develop' of timw4mail/HummingBirdAnimeClient into master 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 74ab8bd8b9 Button and Select style tweaks 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 62e7cc7bed Add polyfill for older browsers, so Opera 12 works 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 1d9537126b Update js sourcemaps 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 2c915188a8 Use static closures in bootstrap 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 765fc9de42 Update css/js dependencies 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren b944e1f250 Style tweaks. Fixes #16. 3 months ago
  Timothy Warren 92243189ee Fix some edge cases 4 months ago
  Timothy Warren 4c896349b9 Remove XML tests 5 months ago
  Timothy Warren f3f2879c54 Remove XML codec class 5 months ago
  Timothy Warren b70ba1da6f Consistent spacing around auth checks 6 months ago
  Timothy Warren 28146ad909 Add a per-controller-method check for authorization for private routes 6 months ago
  Timothy Warren 0348d0db00 Cleanup redundant methods in Collection model 6 months ago
  Timothy Warren 84ca0a9481 Fix error on attempt to insert a duplicate series 6 months ago
  Timothy Warren aec9a2f2b8 Hide missing table error on noninitialized collection, see #20 7 months ago
  Timothy Warren 42ec5faa4a Update phinx.yml file for new version of Phinx, see #20 7 months ago
  Timothy Warren 1c3b478d49 Cleanup database logic a bit 7 months ago
  Timothy Warren 5d752f6ee3 Small code cleanup 7 months ago
  Timothy Warren 0503cad15f Simplify/clean up some base classes 7 months ago
  Timothy Warren 49dc661de1 Merge branch 'develop' of timw4mail/HummingBirdAnimeClient into master 8 months ago
  Timothy Warren 59403b9cb5 Make syncing slightly more robust 8 months ago
  Timothy Warren 4d26acea5b Use the same API client instance across the codebase 8 months ago
  Timothy Warren a38c9712e6 Don't show media tabs with no media on character page, make stats on user page more resiliant 8 months ago