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Anilist Integration

1. Create an Anilist account: Signup

2. After logging in, create a new application (API Client) for Anilist:

  • Go to your settings page from the menu on the top right
  • Select the Developer tab on the left menu
  • Click the Create New Client button
  • The name field can be whatever you chose
  • The Redirect URL field should be [Your Kitsu Domain]/anilist-oauth, eg, https://example.com/anilist-oauth
  • Save the Application

3. Add the required config items to enable the Anilist API Integration form on the Settings page.

  • Copy the anilist.toml.example file under [path/to/Hummingbird/install]/app/config to anilist.toml
  • Copy the config values from the Anilist application to the new anilist.toml file.
    • Client Id to client_id
    • Client Secret client_secret
    • Username to username
  • Make sure to save the changes to this new config file
  • Click the link account button on the settings page
  • Make sure to mark the Anilist API as enabled