develop #37

timw4mail merged 15 commits from develop into master 2 years ago
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timw4mail added 15 commits 2 years ago
0029dd2fb8 Update Kitsu GraphQL schema file
292d9bbaaf Refactor, increase test coverage
71ee0a324c A little more test coverage
191ec11258 Bump version in header comments
2a8e6aa3ed Fix anime collection error
9d82154b2f Make sure to run tests for PHP8
dee4a2dad5 Fix tests for PHP8...?
6ca193934b Increase test coverage
20c734b8ef Update header year code
461914a929 Cleanup some path related things
bc50ab3e0c Update CI to PHP 8
timw4mail merged commit e13b11fe74 into master 2 years ago
timw4mail/HummingBirdAnimeClient/pipeline/head There was a failure building this commit
timw4mail/HummingBirdAnimeClient/pipeline/pr-master Build started...
The pull request has been merged as e13b11fe74.
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