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Hummingbird Anime Client

A self-hosted client that allows custom formatting of data from the hummingbird api

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  • Anime List views (Each with list and cover views):

    • Watching
    • Plan to Watch
    • On Hold
    • Dropped
    • Completed
    • Combined View
  • Manga List views (Each with list and cover views):

    • Reading
    • Plan to Read
    • On Hold
    • Dropped
    • Completed
    • Combined View
  • Anime collection view (segmented by media type):

    • Cover Images
    • Table List


  • PHP 5.5+
  • PDO SQLite (For collection tab)
  • GD


  1. Install via composer: composer create-project timw4mail/hummingbird-anime-client
  2. Configure settings in app/config/config.php to your liking
  3. Create the following directories if they don't exist, and make sure they are world writable
    • app/cache
    • public/js/cache
    • public/images/manga
    • public/images/anime

Anime Collection Additional Installation

  • Run php /vendor/bin/phinx migrate -e development to create the database tables
  • For importing anime:
    1. Login
    2. Use the form to select your media
    3. Save & Repeat as needed
  • For bulk importing anime:
    1. Find the anime you are looking for on the hummingbird search api page:
    2. Create an import.json file in the root of the app, with an array of objects from the search page that you want to import
    3. Go to the anime collection tab, and the import will be run