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  Timothy Warren 172eb3f6eb Merge branch 'develop' 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren faace71844 Add updated documentation 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 73e4c35163 Remove some old code coupling and boilerplate 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren f967aaf96e Remove method separators, update documentation building configuration 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 2a5b623edc Merge branch 'master' into 'develop' 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 16e50c3277 Fix some missed type hints 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 608b25207a Fix some missed type hints 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 1d583bcc23 Add more type hinting 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 516ddcd76d Update builds to remove PHP 7 support 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 908b9f39cd Remove some dead code from the connection manager 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren e4ca039b3d Use State class to simplify management of query builder state 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 8401cceb0d Remove PDOInterface to prevent conflicts in method parameters with native PDO object 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 91eb8123d1 Various refactoring 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 0df1b43af8 Remove firebird test database and sql files 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 01f90d2224 Remove unsupported Firebird driver 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 682a706130 Remove erroneous typing 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren af19936f01 Update travis test command 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 86280d6193 Update travis test command 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 6193aae800 Update travis test command 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 89150ceafc Update namespace of unsupported Firebird driver, add assertions to some risky tests 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 1eb146bb67 Remove old generated docs 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 80d27d9bfe Update header comments, again 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 4df07b6c72 Update test layout to better match source layout 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 369ca6eb04 Flatten source structure a bit 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren c735c27559 Update file headers 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren f0373e468e Fix dependency version, test on PHP 7.2 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren fa645bd7ab Update dev dependencies 1 year ago
  Timothy Warren 443526a6a8 Make sure composer json file is valid 2 years ago
  Timothy Warren e1703d0947 Update homepage link 2 years ago
  Timothy Warren 059ab60af5 Update docs 2 years ago
  Timothy Warren 1118631c58 Test with PHP 7.1 2 years ago
  Timothy Warren b8d4768b1b camelCase methods and properties 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 111dce92d2 Allow travis to fail on hhvm 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren d17ef1656c Attempt to fix travis 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 6740aaef79 PHP7 or bust! 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 3eb4d889f9 Add Or Not Like method 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren ca601623ba Miscellaneous cleanup and refactoring 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 2db7ad182d More style fixes 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 24f3b1d701 Update header comments 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren bb382131cc Code Style fixes 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 559c76f8d2 Switch build tool to Robo, use composer for autoloading 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren eef3a30ad0 Update README to reflect composer package name change 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 8b38d5e24f Move from aviat4ion/query to aviat/query 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren abb558ac01 Move from aviat4ion/query to aviat/query 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren a6131924f7 Merge branch 'develop' 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 97eccfd706 Update version support information and spruce up README file 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 6e1f28724e Move development from fork to main repo on develop branch, test more PHP versions 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren ac867c903a Actually fix failing test, remove some older test skips 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 757b83797f Fix some fragile tests for gitlab ci 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren ae9dc46a17 Actually use host in test connection for Postgres 3 years ago