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  Timothy Warren 97dfa89b6d Actually fix view tests 3 years ago
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  Timothy Warren 5e5434d057 Miscellaneous updates, prep for menu generator 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren c788cf5d87 Start of refactoring routing to be more convention based 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren dfe0b3a6cf Pass the tests! 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 6450a76351 Update readme with new instructions for collection 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 5e5c41fe05 Do first travis build 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 0b63f810a9 First unit tests, add a few of the forgotten app requirements 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren 38a2b470c5 Update information on anime collection, and remove sqlite file, which can be created by a database migration 3 years ago
  Timothy Warren d9e0d5fca6 Add README 3 years ago